Wednesday, September 21, 2016

and so we commemorate and honor and participate in the international day of peace

mary jane dodd - 2016 om hanging

on a daily basis, do you make time for peace?

do you honor it as a necessary part of your life?

when peace settles into our hearts and minds

it calms agitation

it illuminates darkness

it quells fear. 

when you feel more peaceful, you carry it with you.

sharing it with other living things

caring about ki's well being

(robin wall kimmerer - the founding director of the center for native peoples and the environment at suny believes that we need to leave behind the pronoun 'it' for living beings. ki is a being of the living earth and kin is its plural form. she believes our thinking can be transformed with this change in language. and as words become thoughts and thoughts become actions, i completely agree with her. )

growing in the knowledge that we are all connected. 

walls come down

trust grows

we feel safe in all respects

and, as a result, every being thrives. 

make time for peace

and soon it will become unimaginable 

that you moved through the world in any other way. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Birds fly for peace

Yesterday Fiona and I installed our peace birds and imagine peace cards in our so named peace tree at the front of our house.

We hope that as they blow in the breeze they might send out some peace energy; and hopefully some folk walking by might pause to read the words and imagine peace.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Birds of peace for International Peace Day

My birds of peace will be hung in the peace tree at the front of our block over the next couple of days leading up to and continuing to fly after the 21 September.

©2016 Barry Smith - A few birds of peace for International Peace Day 2016
May these birds of peace just send a few more peace ripples out into the world.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

wednesday september 21st

here we are again, looking at the imminent arrival of the international day of peace. 

one week from now. 

i am guilty of not having been active here - and yet the world has shown us over the past year that the need for the honoring of peace is just as important as it ever was. and probably ever shall be. for it needs to be tended to - as anything else. we need to stay mindful and active, our young ones need to be guided and given solid role models. 

it is, in effect, a life's practice. 

my work this year has gotten bigger - but with the same goal in mind. for it to be used in ways that promote peace. offering bowls and wall plaques and hangings- using techniques and skills i've honed in the making of adornment - are coming off of the anvil. set with words that resound deeply within me. 

morning mantra offering bowl 2016

as there is never a bad time to share your thoughts or work - please feel free to share. i know it's going on steadily. 

as the moon sets
and the sun rises
may i begin my day

may i move through each moment
with clarity.

a heart bursting with love,
a mind propped open, 
may i shine to lessen 
the darkness
of another being's 


in peace - 
mary jane

Friday, December 4, 2015

The Lotus

May I live like the lotus, 
at ease in muddy water

The lotus has been my source of inspiration.

To allow me to be at ease,
  in the moment,
      just being.

Monday, September 21, 2015

international day of peace 2015

mjd 2015

everything living is impermanent. 

every thing, every one that is alive will not always be so. 

a sense of urgency is necessary -
for each moment matters. 

what do you want to leave behind? 

will it be a message of beauty and peace,

understanding and compassion?

will you do the work it takes,

and be a warrior for the purpose of living in 

and perpetuating peace? 

yes, work - being attentive, 

practicing right speech, mind and action.

but is anything more worth it? 

what will your legacy be? 

as thich nhat hanh reminds us:

our own life has to be our message. 

in a way, not knowing how long we have,

not knowing what will happen in a minute, a day, a year,

is a gift. 

it forces us to bring our 'a' game.

and if we aren't bringing it,

we can become aware and start. 

be peace
be love
be compassion


thank you as always to those who read and participate. to the dear friends who help me along when i falter. i wonder if blogging is going to the wayside (though i am fond of the format) - perhaps next year will be a bit different. if you have any suggestions, please feel free to share them. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The peace birds fly for international Peace Day

The peace birds were finished and hung in preparation for the 21 September. Lovely to have them in the tree at sundown. They will stay there until they fall or get taken.

Fiona and I will gong the peace bell on the 21 September - a few more vines and ripples of peace.